Be Prepared!

When you have the address of a website that you would like to visit, all you need to do is type the address into the ADDRESS BAR of your interent browser.

The picture on the left points out the location of the ADDRESS BAR on your browser. Find the ADDRESS BAR on your screen.
Type this address in the ADDRESS BAR:
Click on the words SITE MAP.

Read this over with an adult.
Print it out and sign it.


Visit the "Spotlight" link on the Just for Girls Web Site.

Visit some of the activities at this site.

Finding a Favorite

Click here to go to Yahoo Kids, a search engine just for kids.

Take a look at the catagories and find one that interests you.

Use the search engine to find information about a topic.

Share what you learn with others.

Can You Believe Everything You See?

Find a site that has ".com" (commercial) at the end of its name.

The ".com" means that the company sells something.

Take a look at the advertising on this site.

What is the company trying to sell?

Does the site ask you for personal information?

Remember never to give out personal information without checking with an adult firsit.

Talk with an adult about buying things online. What things should you ask or investigate before you make a purchase online?

Making a Chart

Go to the Desktop of the computer. Click on the Microsoft Office icon. It looks like the picture to the left. A blank word processing document will open up.

Click here to download a worksheet that will help you make a chart.

Computers and Work

Many people use computers at work.

Talk with someone who uses a computer at her job.

How does it make her job easier?